Across the product development cycle TMI Dynamatics offers intelligent simulation and control solutions for all types of aircraft, spacecraft and weapon systems. TMI Dynamatics integrated combination of CAD design, multiple degrees-of-freedom modelling and real-time simulation techniques builds the basis for rapid prototype development dynamics, and performance and handling qualities. More »


Virtual Training Environments have become invaluable and cost-effective skills development tools in a variety of sectors. Based on realistic system modeling, motion sensory, 3D modeling and animation techniques and high-end visualization graphics TMI Dynamatics creates a broad range of computer-based interactive training systems for the aerospace and related industries. More »

TMI Dynamatics is a specialist with a track record of real-time simulation and control in the mechatronics and robotics environment. The specialization extends from machine design upto and including hardware in the loop simulations. More »


TMI Dynamatics offers systems design and integration on a consultancy basis to global aerospace and defence companies. We undertake predefined work packages as per the specifications of the client. More »